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Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are made to lengthen hair, add volume and/or thickness to fine or thinning hair , and to add fashion colors to natural hair without the use of chemicals. Hair weaves can also take the daily wear off your natural hair and protect it from elements and styling practices. This will reduce the heat from blow dryers, curling irons, or flat irons. It's one of the protective styles that will do your hair good, with proper care while you wear it. We offer a few different techniques according to your hair texture and lifestyle. We recommend a detailed consultation before making your appointment.

Listed below are some of the techniques that we offer. (Hair is not included with the price.)


This technique involves braiding natural tresses under a thin, breathable net that serves as a flat surface and prevents stress and pulling on your natural hair. Netting provides more flexibility and movement to create any style. This style can last for up to three months if properly maintained.

Average cost $150 and up


 The micro link method is virtually undetectable, it is attached with micro links and a latch tool. This technique is meant to give your hair more versatility in regards to style. The Micro Link technique is one of the most realistic looking weaves. Unlike other techniques, the micro link technique does not require braiding or bonding skills. This technique last up to 2months with proper maintanence.

Average cost $400 and up.up

Tree Braiding/Interlock Weave NO SEW NO GLUE

This method the hair is braided into your natural hair. This technique last up to 6 to 8 weeks.  

Average cost $300 and up


Q. What are hair extensions?

A. Hair extensions are natural human or synthetic hair that creates longer, fuller, thicker hair with improved texture and enhanced color. Hair extensions can be a temporary hairpiece that is clipped in for the day OR a weft or individual strands that are clipped, glued or sewn in.

Q. What type of hair do you use for extensions?

A. We highgly recommend 100% "Virgin Human Hair.

Q. How long does my hair have to be to get extensions?

A. Your hair must be at least 4 inches in length to be able to be considered for extensions.

Q. What do I need to do at home to prepare my hair for extensions?

A. Before the application of your extensions, make sure your hair is freshly shampooed on the day of the application but do NOT use any conditioner. Use a clarifying shampoo. This will remove all hair care product build up and ensure your hair is clean and ready for your new extensions. Be advised that any hair care product build up left on your hair could impair the duration of your extensions. Next, blow dry your hair straight. DO NOT USE ANY STYLING PRODUCTS! Make sure your hair is straight and completely dry.

Q. Will people be able to see my hair extensions with the micro link technique?

A. The extensions are done in small, individual sections, and are applied behind the hair line and away from the natural partings to leave the hair looking natural. The stylist takes a small section of your hair and attaches the extension to it with a bonding material that matches the hair color so the extensions blend naturally with your hair and are virtually undetectable. Because the extensions are attached in small sections, they move & feel natural like your own hair.

Q. Will the extensions damage my natural hair or cause discomfort?

A. The process is very gentle. Extensions can take a little while to get used to, and may cause some slight discomfort while sleeping in the beginning. However, after a few days, you probably won't even notice they are there. Minor itching at the scalp area may occur in some individuals, however this is usually just temporary. Some people may experience a small amount of breakage, however with proper care & maintenance this is very minimal.

Q. What do I need to do to care for my hair extensions?

A. You can treat natural human hair extensions as they were your own. You can swim, exercise, color,  and style your hair the way you normally do. You can even use your favorite hot styling tools. There are specific ways to brush, blowdry & style your hair, your stylist will demonstrate these to you during your consultation appointment. Also, you should only condition the ends, not the scalp. You'll need to come in to the salon for readjustments about every two to three months, depending on how fast your hair grows out.

*It's best to put your hair into a loose ponytail with a soft scrunchie at night to avoid extensions from getting tangled while sleeping.

*Hot tools such as curling irons & flat irons must NOT be used directly over the keratin bonds OR with synthetic hair pieces/extensions, as they will melt the hair.

Q. Will the extensions match my hair's natural color and texture?

A. Yes. There are several different colors & textures to choose from. We will match your natural hair or color your extensions to match your hair perfectly.

Q. How much length can I add to my hair with extensions?

A. The standard length is from twelve to twenty-four inches. These can be cut to any desired length.

Q. How long does it take to apply hair extensions?

A. The length of time needed for application varies depending on the number of hair bundles needed, existing hair condition and style, and the look to be achieved. The average application process for a full head takes about 3 hours to complete. Your hair must be cut & styled after the extensions are in to complete the process.

Q. How long will the extensions last?

A. With proper care, your hair extensions can last for up to 3 months before needing any maintenance, depending on how fast your hair grows & how careful you are with them. We recommend the extensions be replaced after about three months as the extension bonds grow down. New extensions can then be re-applied at the root area again.

Q. How are the extensions removed?

A. When you're ready to have your extensions removed, the removal is done in the salon and involves applying a solution that makes the bonds slip off. Upon removal you will have 2 inches or more of healthy new growth. It is important that you remove/re-do the extensions within the recommended time period to prevent extra stress on your hair. Removal is completely safe and takes between a 1/2 hour to 2 hours.

Q. How much do extensions cost?

A. The cost of extensions depends on many factors: length, thickness, color, texture, etc. Also, the initial application costs more than maintenance since the cost of the hair is significant and only has to be repeated when the hair becomes worn. You will also need the extensions cut into your current hair style to blend with your natural hair. We will quote an exact price during your initial consultation appointment.

Q. Do I need to put down a deposit for hair extensions?

A. Yes. Your hair needs to pre-ordered and we require a deposit before ordering the hair. We will quote an exact price during your initial consultation appointment.

*PLEASE NOTE: Hair Extensions are not suitable for Cancer or Alopecia sufferers.

Feel free to call or contact us for further information on hair extensions and discuss which method is best for you.
Appointments are necessary for hair extension consultations.

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